04 October 2011

Genealogy Pox ... Do You Have It?

Hi Everyone!  I recently came accross this little ditty and just had to share it with you.  The author is unknown and it has been reprinted in many genealogy newsletters (and now blogs).

The symptons are a continual complaint as to the need for names, dates, and places.  The patient has a blank expression and is sometimes deaf to spouse and children.  She has no taste for work of any kind except to feverishly look through records at libraries and courthouses.  She has a compulsion to write letters.  She is made at the mailman when no mail is received.  She makes frequent visits to strange places such as cemeteries, ruins, and remote, desolate country areas.  She makes secret night calls and hids phone bills from her spouse.  She mumbles to herself and has a strange faraway look in her eyes.

The treatment of the ailment finds medication useless.  The disease is not fatal, but it does get progressively worse.  The patient should attend genealogy workshops, subscribe to genealogical magazines, and be given a quiet corner in the house where she can be alone.

The prognosis is that no known cure is known, but the disease can be contagious; and the sicker the patient becomes, the more she will enjoy the ailment!

I have the Genealogy Pox!!!  Do you?

I would love to hear from you. 

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  1. Just found this blog and I love this and YES I HAVE THE GENEALOGY POX!