12 July 2011

Portable Scanners

Hello.  Do you have a portable scanner?  I believe every genealogist should.  They are great!  I personally have two different portable scanners that I would like to discuss. 
VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand.  It has many great features going for it such as the size and portability...it only weighs half a pound.  With the Magic Wand you can scan any color or monochromatic images such as documents, photos, and magazines.  It has standard (300dpi) and high (600dpi) resolution.  It uses a micro SD card and saves images in jpeg format.  The Magic Wand comes with a USB cable, two AA batteries, pouch, and user's manual.  It's so easy to use - just put in the batteries, turn it on, and begin scanning.  You can find the Magic Wand online for about $90.00, just remember to buy the micro card to save your images.  The only negative comment I have about the Magic Wand is that it goes through the batteries pretty fast.

Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner.  The Flip-Pal is larger than the Magic Wand but still very portable at only 1.5 pounds and scans anything and everything from small to large in size.  You can scan photos by placing them on the glass or removing the lid and setting the scanner on photos in albums or frames, documents, drawings, newspapers, and small objects.  The Flip-Pal also has two resolutions - 300 and 600 dpi and uses four AA batteries.  The Flip-Pal comes with a 2GB SD memory card to USB adaptor and batteries and sells for $150.00.  If your computer does not take memory cards, just insert the memory card into the "flash drive" adaptor and insert it into your computer and download your files.  Another unique thing about the Flip-Pal is that you can have it on your lap and scan pictures while watching tv.  It's so quick and easy.  When I received mine, I took it from the box, reviewed the Quick Start Guide and had the Flip-Pal working in about 5 minutes then scanned 40 pictures in less than 20 minutes.  When you insert the SD card into the computer for the first time, it will ask you to register your Flip-Pal and download and launch the Flip-Pal Toolbox.  After that just download your pictures and enjoy.

I recommend both of these scanners and will continue to use both - the Magic Wand for documents and anything in a frame and the Flip-Pal for photos and small objects.

Please leave your comments or questions about these scanners or different scanners that you use.

Thank you and have fun scanning!  :)


  1. Great ideas! Now which one do I want?

  2. I purchased the VuPoint Magic Wand scanner a couple of months ago and like it, but when I read about others' use of the Flip-Pal, I wonder if I should purchase one of those as well...
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