24 April 2011

Happy Church Memories

I was in church this morning for Easter mass and was flooded with memories of going to church as a child.  Growing up we attended St. Procop Church and school in Cleveland, Ohio and Fr. Vesley was my favorite priest.  While in school he would come out on the playground and watch us playing duck duck goose and ring around the rosy.  Of course, he would tease everyone and get us all laughing.  When mom took us to Saturday evening mass and Fr. Vesley was the priest saying mass, we would always plead with her to go into the sacrestry and visit with Father.  He was fun and great with kids.

One of my favorite memories of Fr. Vesley is his blessings with holy water.  He would walk down the aisle sprinkling everyone with holy water and pause with a little twinkle in his eyes when he saw us, he would then dunk the wand in the holy water and give a really good flick and drench us.  It was great!  We looked forward to it and would chuckle when he did it ... and so did everyone around us seeing us girls get so wet.  It's such a good memory and I have to laugh even now thinking about it.

Just a little memory I wanted to share.  I hope everyone has a very nice Easter!!!

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